Friday, January 8, 2010


Tonight was the best Grizzlies game I have ever seen. There were bad calls everywhere. Uncalled technicals. Flagrant fouls. But the best part of all was when the crowd got on their feet and shouted in unision, "Let's go Grizz!" Why is that a big deal? Because people are usually gone or giving up on cheering when the Grizzlies are down. But the whole place was cheering for them and it was great. The second best moment was when Carlos Boozer got fouled out. Should have been ejected from the game.

Marc Gasol was my choice for player of the game with his huge block to win the game. Watch the replay online if you can. It's worth it.


snaphappee said...

For some reason I can't currently view your first image.

Don't you love a good game?

Amanda said...

I fixed it so it should work now.
Yes I love good games!